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Welcome to SNJ IMPORTS...

Since 1957, we have been importing, exporting, manufacturing and distributing quality products...

Welcome to SNJ IMPORTS...

Since 1957, we have been importing, exporting, manufacturing and distributing quality products...

Our History

+67 Years

From lighting to import & export

Our Journey

We are proud to be piooneer in Lighting Industry in Brazil, with just 12 employees, we began our activities on October 30, 1957, and thus Sadokin Lighting starts.

And what was initially just a foreign trade department at Sadokin, however, in 2005 it became a company with its own life, which we named SNJ Imports & Exports

With a commitment to global connections, we import raw materials from China, Japan, and Poland, while exporting our products to Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, and the USA, solidifying our position as a renowned lighting importer and exporter.

In 2022, we expanded our product lines through international partnerships, launching  new brands: Nipomaxxi, Nipopet, Teu Ceu, and Kikaza.

Continuing our growth trajectory, we initiated bilateral partnerships with Japanese, American, and Chinese companies in 2023. This strategic move aims to expand into new markets by introducing our partners’ established brands to Brazil and South America.


And as part of the process of expanding the services provided by SNJ IMPORTS & EXPORTS, we are opening up to international partners the possibility of marketing their products, under their own brands, or even through the licensing of our brands already consolidated in the Brazilian market.

To optimize your participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, we provide a comprehensive package of services. This includes booth setup, design, and staffing, allowing you to focus on building relationships and maximizing your ROI. We streamline the process so you can save time and costs, optionally coordinating the event with a single representative traveling from your company to Brazil.

Your international Business Partner

SNJ IMPORTS is a foreign trade, representation and marketing company that seeks to promote bilateral business between different countries and South America, using Brazil as a gateway.

Our objective is to sell high quality products to customers located in South America, with Brazil being the main consumer hub, as well as taking products originating from our region to other countries around the world.

Our Methodology and Philosophy

Unveiling a New Era of Trade, SNJ IMPORTS proudly presents an exclusive methodology that unlocks the potential of new products in the South American market. Through strategic partnerships in China, Japan, and the United States, we identify and import innovative products with minimized acceptance risks to south american countries. Our focus is on scalable sales, propelling products to market consolidation.


Thanks to SNJ IMPORTS, I don't have to worry about negotiating with several international suppliers (using Google translator), and having to sift through products with competitive prices and assured quality. This way, I can dedicate much more time to sales and marketing activities.
Ricardo Silva
Diretor - Rimai Estratégias Online

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